Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sketch: "Dubbin Home"

Hey my dear readers, That's what I was listening to the past few days. It's another track where you can close you're eyes but be careful not to fall asleep.
The fantastic mixture of bassy music and the woman's voice creat an atmosphere of pure chillout ;)
And tell me who doesn't like the thought of coming home from whereever you're at the moment.

You can find the track in the player on the right, too.

Dubbin' Home by omarlinx


  1. Sweet tune!
    This is a great tune for "medical" use, IMO lol

  2. Great work man, keep it up +follow

  3. such a sweet track! i downloaded it. ;)

  4. I don't listen to much Dubstep, so it might sound a bit dumb, but... I rarely hear dubstep including so 'classic' instruments - like guitar and trumpet. Great song, thanks for sharing! : )

  5. This is really cool. Love it!
    Following ;)

  6. wow still don't have enough after i listened to it 20 times, so great !! +1