Monday, October 17, 2011

Muffler: "Hear Me Scream"

Hey mates,

Do you know Muffler?
If you didnt know him your time of suffering is over know. As so called I have the duty and honor to bring his music to your ears.

Listen yourself to this example:

Muffler - HEAR ME SCREAM (Hospital) by MUFFLER

Here you can listen to the rest of his music. Of course not every of his tracks is as calm as the first one.

Latest tracks by MUFFLER

I added the best tracks for chillout to the player on the right.


  1. I liked this a lot! Seriously chill, my favourite is Cybertron promo mix, there's just something about drumstep.

  2. Nice music men! Congrats :)

  3. Muffler :D his track is so great like his name! nice post! +1

  4. Hear me Scream sounds nice. Well, except for the treble part. I wish I could turn that off, then it would be a very powerful, energetic and 'inspiring' piece of music - good for working out.